ABRAX runs a Berlin-based vinyl imprint.

ABRAX aims to wake people up.


ABRAX believes we are sleeping through our current crises - in the way we gossip, speak in anecdotes and in recitations; the way we indulge in petty daily dramas; and take on borrowed personas - all seemingly to distract ourselves from painful realities.

ABRAX is a curator for Tresor New Faces. As an evocative counter-current to a world of numbing submission, ABRAX aims to wake us up from our slumber.

Supported By

Amotik, Anastasia Kristensen, Ellen Allien, François X, Fundamental Interaction, Laurent Garnier, Perc, Peter Van Hoesen, Sam Barker, Stephanie Sykes, Vincent Neumann, Marcel Dettmann and more


ABRAX001 streaming on HATE